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Jump to heading Creating/ destroying an app from existing configuration

Phabalicious can create or delete a complete app with two commands:

  • phab --config=<config> app:create --copy-from=<other-config>
  • phab --config=<config> app:destroy

Both commands executes a list of stages, which can be influenced via configuration. Every method can react to the different stages and run some tasks if needed.

Jump to heading the standard stages

These are the standard stages. You can override them by adding them to the global section of your fabfile:

- prepareDestination
- installCode
- spinUp
- installDependencies
- install
- spinUp
- spinDown
- deleteContainers
# ftpSync and gitSync are only used for deploying artifacts.
- installCode
- installDependencies
- runActions
- runDeployScript
- syncToFtp
- installCode
- installDependencies
- getSourceCommitInfo
- pullTargetRepository
- runActions
- runDeployScript
- pushToTargetRepository

Jump to heading Creating a new app

Run the phab-command as usual. If you want to copy from an existing installation, add the --copy-from-option.

phab --config=<your-config> app:create

If the app is already created (there's an existing .projectCreated-file in the root of the installation), only the deploy-stage will be executed, and afterwards the deploy-task will be executed.

If the app is not created yet, all create-stages will be executed. If nothing went wrong you should have a running installation of the given configuration

Jump to heading Destroying an app

phab --config=<your-config> app:destroy

This will execute all destroy-stages and delete the project-folder afterwards.

Jump to heading Blueprints

Both commands work best when using blueprints. This will allow to create a config and an app from a single string like a name of a feature.

Some examples:

phab --config=some-config --blueprint=feature/<some-feature> create:app

Will create a new app from a blueprinted config.

Jump to heading Customizing via scripts

  • You can add custom scripts to your host-configuration which will be run before a stage is entered or after a stage is finished. They follow a naming-convention:

    • appCreate<NameOfStage>Before
    • appCreate<NameOfStage>Finished

    e.g. appCreateInstallDependenciesBefore or appCreateSpinDownFinished. All context variables are exposed to scripts as context.data.* or context.results.*