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Multibasebox is deprecated, but still supported. The commands mentioned below might get removed from a future phab release. But phab 3.8 has now a neat integration with ddev! It should also work with other tools like lando.

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Phabalicious 3.3 incorporates two new commands to scaffold a local dev environment based on multibasebox. Multibasebox is a lightweight, docker based solution, which allows you to run your local app-stack via docker.

It uses a dockerized haproxy container to intercept the traffic to your localhost and forward it to the corresponding docker container with your local stack. For mac there's a second docker container resolving DNS-entries for *.test to localhost. It is similar to other solutions like pygmy, ddev or lando.

Multibasebox landing page

There is no requirement to use multibasebox together with phabalicious or vice-versa. Phab will work with other local development stacks. Multibasebox has also no hard dependency to phabalicious and will work standalone.

Multibasebox is just some convinient glue code (basically just a setup script) to get docker running on your host, without any hassle about domain names, port collisions etc. It has no hard requirements on used docker images, all it need are some environment variables so the python script can write the haproxy configuration.

The scaffolder will

  • pull the multibasebox repository,
  • scaffold a fabfile.local.yaml-file
  • and run the setup-docker.sh script.

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Run the following command:

phab workspace:create

Answer the questions to your knowledge. After that, the repository gets cloned, and the setup script will be executed. If everything went fine, you should be able to visit http://multibasebox.test and get a 503 error message, which is quite good!

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If you want to get the latest changes for multibasebox, or rerun the setup if sth failed, do the following:

cd <your multibasebox-folder>
phab workspace:update

This will pull the latest changes from the repository. If you want to update to a different branch, add it as an argument:

phab workspace:update --branch docker-for-mac-catalina

Please note: if you changed the contents of the fabfile.local.yaml, these changes will be overridden. Better to keep them in fabfile.local.override.yml.

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For more information visit the github repositories of the projects: