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Sometimes it would be neat to test if a new beta version of phabalicious works with my local projects, without breaking my productivity if I encounter problems. Fortunately it is rather safe to have two phab versions installed on your local computer.

Usually you keep phabalicious up-to-date by running phab self-update. The easiest way to install a beta-version side by side to the official version are the following commands:

$ curl -L  https://github.com/factorial-io/phabalicious/releases/download/3.8.0-beta.7/phabalicious.phar --output /usr/local/bin/phab38
$ chmod +x /usr/local/bin/phab38
$ phab38 --version
phabalicious 3.8.0-beta.7

Please adapt the version in the url to your likings. After a successfull installation you can update the beta version using

phab38 self-update --preview

And if you want to test if your project is still working with the new beta version, just substitute phab with phab38, e.g.

phab38 -cmbb docker run
  • If you encounter any problems with a beta or a stable version please create an issue
  • To remove the beta-version just run rm /usr/local/bin/phab38