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Phabalicious needs at least PHP 7.3 with the json- and openssl-extensions. Most of the methods dependes on installed cli commands, you will get an error-message if they can't be found.

Jump to heading Installation via homebrew (mac os x)

brew tap factorial-io/homebrew-phabalicious
brew install phab
  • If you have installed phab previously, you might need to delete phab from /usr/local/bin

Jump to heading Installation using published phar

  • Download the latest version from Github
  • copy the phar to a suitable folder, e.g. cp phabalicious.phar /usr/local/bin/phab
  • Make it executable, e.g. chmod u+x /usr/local/bin/phab

Jump to heading Installation from source

  • Clone the repository via git clone https://github.com/factorial-io/phabalicious.git
  • cd into the folder
  • run composer install
  • run composer build-phar
  • run composer install-phar, this will copy the phar to /usr/local/bin and make it executable. (Might need superuser privileges)

Jump to heading Install it as a project dependency

  • run composer require --dev factorial-io/phabalicious

Note, phabalicious is using Symfony 4 so you might get some unresolvable conflicts (Merge Requests welcome!)

Jump to heading Shell autocompletion

Add this to your shell-startup script:

Jump to heading for fish-shells

phab _completion --generate-hook --shell-type fish | source

(Add this to your ~/.config/fish/config.fish)

Jump to heading for zsh/bash-shells

source <(phab _completion --generate-hook)

Jump to heading Updating phab

  • Run phab self-update, this will download the latest release from GitHub. This might require super-user privileges.

If you want to get the latest dev-version, add --preview

Jump to heading And then ...

  1. Run phab list, this should give you a list of all available commands.
  2. Run phab help <command> to get some help
  3. Create a configuration file called fabfile.yaml

Jump to heading A simple configuration-example

Here's a simple example demonstrating a fabfile.yaml:

name: My awesome project

# We need git and ssh, there are more options
- ssh
- git

# Our list of host-configurations
description: A dev instance
publicUrl: https://myhost.test
host: myhost.test
user: root
port: 22
type: dev
branch: develop
rootFolder: /var/www
backupFolder: /var/backups

For more infos about the file-format have a look at the configuration

Jump to heading Enhancing phab, contributing to phab

We welcome contributions! Please fork the repository, create a feature branch and submit a pull-request. Please add test-cases for your bug-fixes or new features. We are using GrumPHP to check code-style (PSR2), run tests etc when committing new code. This repository uses github-flow as branching strategy.

Jump to heading View the docs locally

Just run yarn docs:dev, this will allow you to browse the docs with your browser with hot reloading and all the fancy stuff.